Call for nominations for the SAGE Board of Directors (11 Apr 2005)

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This website is not affiliated with SAGE or the USENIX Association. The use of the term "SAGE" below is historical, and refers either to the SAGE subgroup of USENIX, or to a precursor of the organization now called LOPSA.

Subject: Call for nominations for the SAGE Board of Directors
To: <each member of SAGE>

Call for nominations for the SAGE Board of Directors

In late 2004, the USENIX Board appointed the Interim SAGE Board to start
the transition of SAGE from a Special Interest Group of USENIX to its
own, separate entity. We are the current Leadership Committee, appointed
by the Interim SAGE Board to ensure and oversee the elections of the
new, permanent Board.

Nine people will be elected to the new Board, voted by the current
members of the SAGE special technical group of USENIX. They will then
internally choose officer positions. We need people who are willing
and committed to help run SAGE for the next two years.


Being on the SAGE Board means that you will have a role in controlling
the way the organization is run, and the direction it heads.  You will
help develop the SAGE community and its parts, including publications,
communications with members, professional development, conferences, and
more.  A strong SAGE Board is good for the state of systems
administrators everywhere.  If you have a vision for your career, this
may be the place to make it happen.

Being on the SAGE Board is a commitment of time and energy.  We won't
mince words: this might take a good 10% of your time, and you may be
required to give it in bursts on short notice.  Being on the SAGE Board
means that it may, at times, be your biggest commitment.  Already
juggling lots of balls?  Maybe this isn't the right time for you to
run for the Board.

However, if you have the vision, the time, the energy, the willingness
to work with eight other people to develop SAGE and bring it to full
independence, we want to talk to you.


Nominations must come from this committee, because of the fact that
the new SAGE doesn't really exist yet. There is no procedure for
self-nomination. We won't withhold a nomination from a qualified and
determined candidate, though. If you are interested in being nominated,
contact one of the undersigned. If you happen to be attending the USENIX
Annual Technical Conference, there will be a SAGE Nominating Committee
BoF on Thursday evening, and that would be a great place to make that
contact with one of us.

We will ask each candidate to say, in writing (or email), that they
understand the commitment they are making before we nominate them.

Let us know.  Contact one of the undersigned and we'll be in touch.
Nominations close 2005-04-29 (although this may be extended if there
insufficient candidates).

Esther Filderman <>
Adam Moskowitz <>
Mario Obejas <>
Greg Rose <> (Leadership Committee chair)