Interim Board meeting Minutes/18 October 2004

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4 October 2004
Interim Board meeting Minutes Next:
25 October 2004

Minutes approved: 1 November 2004

This document is a board working paper, and commercial in confidence.

Geoff Halprin, Lorette Cheswick, David Parter, Trey Harris
2004-10-18 1900 US/East

Consent Agenda

Meeting minutes (2004-10-04) approved by consent.

Action Items

Action Point #20041018.01

  • Report from lawyer: NJ law presently allows electronic machines, but not Internet-based voting. As long as we include in our bylaws that our methods will deal with appropriate mechanisms. This defers the issue to policy.

Action Point #20041018.01

  • Trey: Can get it out tonight.
  • LISA meeting: need to push USENIX meeting to 2200. fallback 21:30.

Unfinished Business

Legal Infrastrucure

  • Still awaiting final bylaws from lawyers for signature.
  • Due 20/21.
  • It should be close to final.
  • Lorette: Please send out to board now (in advance of final). (Action Point #20041018.02)
  • Transfer of membership
  • Are there any formalities associated with xfer of membership?
  • Can we convert opt-in to opt-out (via an email notice)?
  • We need legal opinion on this.
  • Lorette: Get lawyer to comment on transfer issues. (Action Point #20041018.03)
  • Lorette: lawyer: when is it official?
  • If we finish our stuff this week. Corp exists this week!
  • Paperwork is for 501c6.
  • What is impact of 501c6 on USENIX? Tax involved?
  • USENIX lawyer will need approve this too.
  • Geoff: Provide details to USENIX (Action Point #20041018.04)

Operations Infrastructure

  • Received 17 responses to RFP.
  • Geoff sorting through them.
  • Got to happen this week (LISA timing).
  • Want to get 2nd round shortlist due diligence while Geoff in USA.
  • (If we proceed), hope to engage around end of year.
  • David:

Computing Infrastructure

  • Tech team put together.
  • Going for 80/20 option.
  • Appropriate colo is around $100-$300 per month.
  • Need way to pay for stuff.

New Business

Yerkes award

  • Was approved at last board meeting.
  • Geoff must follow up with council and USENIX office.

Unannounced business

Logistics. SAGE store.

Memo to members -- MUST DO NOW

Next Meeting

  • Meetings now to be held weekly until LISA.

Meeting closed