Interim Board meeting Minutes/25 October 2004

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18 October 2004
Interim Board meeting Minutes Next:
1 November 2004

Minutes approved: 1 November 2004

This document is a board working paper, and commercial in confidence.

Geoff Halprin, Lorette Cheswick, David Parter, Trey Harris
2004-10-25 1900 US/East

Consent Agenda

  • Meeting minutes (2004-10-18) approval DEFERRED until next week.

Action Items

  • See action points for annotations.

Unfinished Business

Legal Infrastrucure

  • Need answers on membership xfer and 501c3/c6 decision.
  • Can move forward immediately with this info.
  • Using copy on Geoff's wiki. Lawyer will edit down.
  • David: Our rules are generic. If it is easier to use a prepared set, then do so.
  • Issues to decide:
  • Member resolution/referendum.
  • Board amendments of bylaws.
  • Composition/election mechanisms.
  • Size of quorum (membership).
  • Does "committee vote by email" need bylaw?
  • Next week's meeting: Decide these issues.
  • Establish Nomcomm at LISA?
  • Chair from advisory council.
  • Past board member?
  • Limit to 3-4 ppl.
  • Couple from advisory committee. Couple from membership.

Operations Infrastructure

  • About a third of the way through the responses.
  • Using these to refine evaluation criteria.
  • Most (so far) are lowtech, some have good ideas.
  • Will prepare a report on findings.
  • Intent is to identify shortlist.
  • Then meet with a few of them on way to/from LISA.

Admin Assistant

  • David:
  • Need ability to maintain LISA momentum.
  • Geoff:
  • Need plan for admin to come on as soon as Phase 2 gate achieved.
  • (It is our intent to pass gate to phase 2 at LISA USENIX BOD meeting.)
  • Need phone/email (front office).
  • Need bookkeeping from day 1 of phase 2 (back office).
  • Need roughcut budget.
  • Geoff: assuming existing budget, we have plenty to cover admin.
  • How do we find one?
  • David volunteered to find one.
  • Geoff wants input on shortlist.

Computing Infrastructure

  • No new reports.

Yerkes award

  • Kolstad has offered to do non-Yerkes award.
  • No (useful) feedback from advisory council on Yerkes award.
  • Time is short.
  • David volunteered to do this.

LISA Planning

  • SAGE Community Meeting: Thursday @ 8pm.
  • SAGE Board Meeting: Monday AM (Geoff teaching PM).
  • USENIX Board Meeting: Tuesday.
  • USENIX Open Board Meeting: Wednesday @ 8pm.
  • Geoff's suite is available for meetings all week.


(JD joined teleconference for this agenda item.)

  • 5 Designs chosen. Quantities tbd (David/JD).
  • Post-its approved. Need costs to determine qty (David/JD).
  • David: Proceed with production of merchandise for LISA. (Action Point #20041025.08)

Memo to members


New Business

Unannounced business

Domain Name Renewals

  • Domain name lapses per email from John and Tony ok.


  • Could JD have conf reg.
  • No prob. (But shouldn't need it.)
Meeting closed