Interim Board meeting Minutes/28 December 2004

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20 December 2004
Interim Board meeting Minutes Next:
10 January 2005

Minutes approved: 10 January 2005

This document is a board working paper, and commercial in confidence.

Geoff Halprin, Lorette Cheswick, David Parter, Trey Harris
2005-12-28 1900 US/East


Consent Agenda

Meeting minutes (2004-12-20) approved by consent.

Action Items

See action item register.

Unfinished Business

Legal Infrastrucure

  • Report from Lorette:
  • Paperwork re-submitted as "The System Administrators Guild, Inc." (Original submission as "SAGE, Inc." rejected for name clash.)
  • IRS has sent end-of-year forms. (We're official from their POV.)
  • Awaiting response from NJ State.

Operations Infrastructure

  • Geoff: Nothing to report on AMC project.
  • Spending several days disconnected over new year. Hope to catch up a bit then.
  • David: Should we form a committee to participate in the AMC process?
  • Lorette: Need to investigate D&O (Director and Officer) insurance.
  • {6 words redacted; business sensitivity}
  • Geoff:
  • Our running budget item has been around that amount.
  • We also need it to cover (a) volunteers, and (b) us from the acts of volunteers. [See the Guidebook.]

Computing Infrastructure

  • David: Nothing to report.

Outsourcing Agreement

  • Geoff to draft first revision.
  • Then circulate to board, then Kirk, then lawyers, then USENIX BOD.
  • Should we form a committee to review/assist with outsourcing agreement?
  • Lots of members with various experiences in outsourcing and contracts.
  • Must provide ability for AMC candidate to provide input on outsourcing agreement. (Geoff: We won't be able to engage an AMC until this agreement has been executed, thus guaranteeing cash flow.)
  • Wiki: Ideas area. Created.

Leadership Committee


New Business

Unannounced business

Meeting closed