Interim Board meeting Minutes/4 October 2004

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This website is not affiliated with SAGE or the USENIX Association. The use of the term "SAGE" below is historical, and refers either to the SAGE subgroup of USENIX, or to a precursor of the organization now called LOPSA.

17 September 2004
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25 October 2004

Minutes approved: 1 November 2004

This document is a board working paper, and commercial in confidence.

Lorette Cheswick, David Parter, Trey Harris
2004-10-04 1900 US/East

Legal Infrastructure update

David Parter has checked into Commerce Bank for Credit card use


will be updated shortly and reviewed by the attorney.

The attorney will report on NJ electronic voting issues in current law.

Voting discussion- should the voting issue go to the advisory committee?

When will SAGE meet at LISA

Trey and David discussed when the Usenix board usually has an open meeting. Probably SAGE will meet as a BOF in a Monday time slot. They did not want it to conflict with the Usenix board meeting or have it's timing conflict with a large forum presentation that would take away from attendance.

Trey wants to make sure that the structure and composition of the board is in the bylaws, because that will define the first elected board.

Computing Infrastructure

We need servers for the website, Trey and David were going to see if they could find volunteer hosting.

We need to draft a letter to the advisory committee reviewing our progress in the formation of SAGE, and what we want them to be working on.

The Chuck Yerkes Award Committee should be formed in two weeks so that they will have enough time to act to give the award at LISA.

The meeting adjourned at 00:37 with no new business.