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Jobs board

Policy approved by the Board on 29 May 2006.

The LOPSA Jobs Board exists for two purposes:

  1. To allow LOPSA members, sponsors and others to announce available positions to the community, and
  2. to make LOPSA members and the community aware of available positions.

While the jobs board is available to the public, there are various features that give LOPSA members and sponsors an advantage in using the system. This is by intent and by design.

Posting open positions

Anyone may provide a job posting for the Jobs board. LOPSA members may post directly to the jobs board, so their positions will appear more quickly and with little review.

Jobs submitted by non-members enter a moderation/review queue. Review is primarily an "anti-spam" and topic control issue; there is no intent to enforce formatting or other standards.

Viewing open positions

Job postings will initially be visible only to (logged-in) members. Jobs remain "members only" for at least 10 calendar days. The poster may extend this "members only" period for up to 30 calendar days by request to the Jobs Board Moderators.

After the "members only" period, the posting becomes visible to all visitors to the jobs board, whether logged in members, or anonymous visitors.

Expiration or removal of postings

It is the responsibility of the poster to remove a posting when a job has been filled. Job postings should expire no more than 90 days after the first (members only) posting date, unless renewed by the poster.

Moderators may remove postings, such as those that appear to be outdated or are inappropriate.


All LOPSA members are encouraged to give feedback on the posting organization and the screening/interview process either in their own on-site blogs, or in the Interview Process and Company Commentary forum area. Only members may post to or view this forum.