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Leadership Committee

Policy approved by the Board on 4 August 2005.

Policy amended on 8 August 2005.

The Leadership Committee has two roles. Its recurring tactical role is to serve as the Nominating Committee in election years. Its ongoing strategic role is to promote the development of new talent, by giving them a "career path" through the ranks of the organization. The Nominating Committee role is specified in the Bylaws and is incorporated by reference.

The leadership development role is the strategic counterpart to nominating. In order to have a suitable pool of candidates for committees and offices, the Leadership Committee will identify suitable individuals as early as possible, and groom them to take on ever-increasing leadership positions. Where possible, the Committee will develop informal "career paths" within the Organization. These paths should begin with lower-level volunteer positions, include committee memberships and then Chair positions, eventually leading to Board membership for qualified individuals. This is "professional development for volunteers", and should include enhancing their leadership skills by providing suitable training, encouragement and mentoring.

The Committee will consist of between four and seven members (including the Chair), at the total discretion of the Chair. The Board will appoint the Chair. The Chair will select and have final approval of all other members; the Board explicitly has no role in selecting the other members of this Committee.