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Website Copyright

Policy proposed by --Palmer 13:02, 15 May 2006 (PDT):

Policy approved by the Board on 15 May 2006.

This policy is a default policy to govern the submission of publishable content to LOPSA. This policy does not cover any published content or copyrights which may be transferred to LOPSA under the terms of a specific agreement; it simply covers content published without an individual agreement.

Ownership of Copyright

Ownership of the copyright on content submitted for publication by LOPSA remains with the person submitting the material. The person submitting the material is responsible for ensuring the content is not burdened by rights they do not hold, or for securing permission from all holders of rights to material they submit.

Rights of Publication

By submitting material for publication to LOPSA, the submitter agrees to grant LOPSA irrevocable and perpetual non-exclusive rights to publish and reproduce that material.

Unless specific exception has been granted by the Publications Committee, the submitter agrees to not publish material submitted under this default policy in any other way at least 90 days from the date of publication by LOPSA.

Publication of Material

LOPSA will choose to accept or decline material submitted for publication at its discretion. If LOPSA declines to publish material, it also relinquishes its right of publication described above.

If material submitted under this policy is accepted for publication, LOPSA pledges to publish it freely for any person to access; no material submitted under this policy will be published in such a manner that only LOPSA members may access it. If the material is for sale rather than free consumption, then LOPSA may offer it to members at a discount, but the material will be always be made available to non-members through sale.


Content may be submitted to LOPSA under other conditions and terms by exceptions granted by the Publications Committee.