Partnership and Development Committee

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The Partnership and Development Committee is responsible for activities that will result in some form of continuing relationship with an external organization or person. These relationships may include sponsors, partners, or affiliates.

  1. A sponsor relationship exists when an external entity provides financial benefit to LOPSA either for general purposes or for a specific event.
  2. A partner relationship exists when LOPSA and external entity are specifically pursuing the same goal or activity.
  3. An affiliate relationship exists when an external entity provides some form of benefit to LOPSA members, such as discounts.


The Partnership and Development Committee chair will be chosen from the Board and may include any number of Board or general members as may be interested and appropriate. Members with prior fund-raising experience and/or good high-level relationships with appropriate sponsors should consider being involved.


To fulfill its purpose, the Committee shall:

  1. Develop an appropriate partnership and fund-raising strategy for the organization. The Committee, in conjunction with the Finance Committee and the Development Director, will evaluate various partnership and fund-raising options and select appropriate options. Fund-raising should include general sponsorships, event-specific sponsorships, and others.
  2. Prepare and oversee annual fund-raising goals. The Committee, working with the Development Director and the Events Committee chair, shall set specific fund-raising goals in accordance with the fund-raising options detailed in the strategy.
  3. Regularly review fund-raising activity. On a regular basis, the Committee will review on-going fund-raising activities, assess their effectiveness against targets, and make adjustments as necessary. The Committee will provide material updates to the Finance Committee and the Board as appropriate.
  4. Develop mutually beneficial partnerships. The Committee will evaluate potential partnerships and work to develop appropriate partnerships to the mutual benefit of LOPSA and the partnering organization.
  5. Maintain periodic contact with sponsors, partners, and (affiliates). The Committee, working with the Development Director, will ensure that all sponsors, partners, and (affiliates) are contacted on a regular basis to ensure continued relations.
  6. Other duties as assigned by the Board.