SAGE Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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Thank you for your interest! To show our gratitude to "early adopters", any sponsor registering before August 1st, 2006 will be designated a "SAGE Founding Sponsor".

For Individuals

Coming Soon!

For Consultants

Coming Soon!

For Corporations

Level Minimum Donation Benefits*
Contributor $1000
  • Access to all SAGE membership websites and online services
  • Mention in "Memo to Members" the month following donation
  • Acknowledgement in the SAGE-provided LISA onsite conference materials
  • Your click-thru name on "SAGE Sponsors" page**
  • "SAGE Sponsor" graphic indicating level for use on your website**
Bronze $5000
  • Mention in "Memo to Members" twice a year (includes the month following donation)
  • One-time use of SAGE postal mail list at half the list value***
  • "SAGE Sponsor" plaque indicating level for office and/or booth at trade shows
  • Your click-thru logo on "SAGE Sponsors" page**
Silver $10K
  • Mention in "Memo to Members" four times a year (includes the month following donation)
  • Full set of SAGE Short Topics In Systems Administration booklets ($165 value)
  • Verbal acknowledgement at SAGE-sponsored events
Gold $25K
  • Mention in "Memo to Members" each month
  • Registration of up to five SAGE Individual memberships ($225 value)
  • Named sponsorship of a single event/half-day continuing event at a SAGE-sponsored conference**
  • Distribution of marketing materials at SAGE booth(s)
Platinum $50K
  • Registration of an additional five (total 10) individual SAGE members ($450 value)
  • Your click-through logo or company name in the footer of every SAGE web page**
  • Name/logo on SAGE banners at events
  • Named sponsorship of an additional (total 2) event/full-day continuing event at a SAGE-sponsored conference**
Diamond $100K To Be Determined
  • *Specific corporate level benefits are inclusive of benefits for all previous levels
  • **Subject to apprporiate rules of use
  • ***Subject to apprporiate rules of use; full value may not be realized until 3Q 2006