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Volunteers are rewarded according to their level of effort:

  • Level 1: Pretty much any short-term individual contribution: one day booth presence, active mailing list or subcommittee member, LOSPA local speaker, etc
  • Level 2: Longer term, more involved committment: member of techincal team, active mailing list moderator, active project leader, etc
  • Level 3: Leading major effort
  • Level 4: Above and beyond

Volunteer Rewards: Which recognition level is appropriate shall be determined by the Board liaison to the project or the ED (excepting Level 4, and with the budget in mind):

  • Level 1: listed on the volunteer page, public thank you at the event (where appropriate), invited to an annual thank you" party (held at LISA or some such apprpriate venue)
  • Level 2: $10 membership renewal discount
  • Level 3: LOPSA Volunteer Bowling Shirt: http://www.embroiderysuperstore.com/product.aspx?prodid=4482
  • Level 4: Founding Member (requires board vote)

Budget: $2000/year (100 $10 member discounts, $500 for Level 3 stuff, and $500 for the party/event).