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8 Apr 2013
Board meeting Minutes Next:
6 Jun 2013

Minutes approved: 6 May 2013

  • NOTICE to those on the line: All present agree to a temporary recording of this call to be be deleted no later than when the minutes are approved. Please speak up if you disagree with this and we will discuss it after roll call.
Move your name to Present or Apologies prior to the meeting! ,
(Subject to verification) Philip Kizer (chair), William Bilancio, John Boris, Matt Disney, Martin Gehrke, Ski Kacoroski (arrived late), Dan Rich, Evan Pettrey
8:01 PM Eastern Time
9:12 PM Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

  • Approve minutes of 8 Apr 2013 On hold until next week

Action Items

Board members are reminded to check the RT queues for open tickets and please update their status.

Standing Reports

Treasurer's report

We are current with our Financial Liabilities. We still need the final membership numbers from ScALE.

  • Membership report
    • 861 members
    • 17 lapsed members this month, 84 in March, 126 in Q1
    • Renewal e-mail problem is resolved for the time being, I turned off the repeat-reminders until we can move to Drupal 7
  • Technical services report
    • We had some issues with some inappropriate behavior in the LOPSA channel. We will start the upgrade after LOPSA-East. William will work with Jesse on that. William is still waiting to hear back from the Drupal 7 developer. John said he would ping the man but if he is unresponsive William will tell the Tech team to go look for another Drupal developer.
    • There was an issue with a NIC card in one of the Servers and Mike Julian is handling that.
  • Conference/events activities report
    • LOPSA-East is in less than 2 weeks. 119 Registrants. We have a new sponsor who is paying for two lunches and a Table.
    • Crossbow - I will be talking to the person that is to take over that project and start to getting us involved with more conferences.
  • Mentorship Status report

The Team has moved their meetings to Tuesdays at 2:30 PM Eastern Time. The list below shows those Proteges that have not found a mentor. A lot of Windows requests.

    • Learn how to set up Windows servers 2008R2 in a VM for Practice as a means to move from the help desk to System Administration
    • Setup a Personal Domain (Server 2008, Active Directory and Exchange) in A VM and setup a lab of his own.
    • Setup Active Directory in a Virtual Environment using VirtualBox using common configurations and best practices. Protege is a Field technician and wants to gain more skills to increase his value to his employer.
    • Setup automated thin deployment of Windows 7 (Processes include backup profiles, add to domain and create vpn profiles)
    • College Freshmen wants to learn more in managing LINUX and Windows Servers. Includes learning backups and security.
    • Protege tasked with rebuilding aging infrastructure using Server 2012. Currently has a NT Servers handling their File Shares and accounting System.
    • Protege needs guidance on proper steps to start rebuilding current setup. Also looking for an ongoing mentor relationship.
  • Local Chapter Committee report

The Committee has a meeting coming up. Matt Simmons is working on Chapter expansion and a Speakers Bureau. Arron is working with Ski on communications. Martin is working on revamping the Policy and is putting together a form for use after their meetings. Hopefully they will fill out the form. Martin is hoping they will comply so we can have good data. William got contacted by Matt Simmons about tapping into the Crossbow Trainers Bureau but it doesn't look like it might have any success because the list goes out of date quickly. Martin is trying to get more volunteers to keep these lists and Bureaus up to date. Philip agrees that as long as we have volunteers to do the work it is fine but as long as we are not taking volunteers away from other projects.

Matt asked where we show the difference between the Speakers Bureau and the Trainers Bureau. William explained the trainers are paid to teach while the speakers at locals are not paid to speak at a Local. Matt asked if we should then not pursue LOPSA-U but William said that LOPSA-U is perfect for Crossbow to manage. William hopes that once we get Crossbow back into operation we will have a committee that will keep the lists up to date and then the Locals will have a good pool to draw from.

Matt asked if William is making sure Matt Simmons knows to work with the new Crossbow person. William will most likely speak with Matt at LOPSA-East.

John mentioned that the speakers Bureau could have it in the speakers Bio what they charge and how far they will travel.

  • Development report (Meeting focus at first meeting of the month)
  • Communications (LOPSAgram, #lopsa-live, etc) (last meeting of the month only)

The LOPSAGram will be coming out soon. Ski received a note from the San Diego group.

  • Liaison reports (LC, etc.)

The LC will be contacted as the dates are for the LOPSA-Live and Election notices is coming up.

YAPC::NA 2013 Sponsorship request (John Boris)

  • Email from Perl Foundation:

LOPSA has never donated to this conference but have sent trainers there about 7 years ago and we did very well. John will contact them to see what we could do. This might be a chance to rekindle some interest in the Austin area.

Financial Transparency (Matt Disney)

  • An annual budget and catalog of monthly anticipated operational expenses will be maintained.
  • All 990s posted for the public on the governance wiki.
  • Board meeting minutes will not have financial info redacted. Levels of detail up to totals for revenue,expenses, and liabilities are appropriate.
  • A quarterly financial report will be prepared and included in the treasurer’s report at the appropriate BoD meeting. The quarterly report will include:
    • Revenue, expenses, and liability totals.
    • Revenues, expenses, and liabilities categorized and presented as percentages.
    • Qualitative short-term outlook, including a health/risk forecast.
    • Financial baselines/progress against the annual budget.
  • An annual financial report will be prepared, approved by the Board of Directors, and presented at the annual community meeting. The annual report will include:
    • All the items from the quarterly report, aggregated/adjusted for the annual reporting window.
    • Long-term outlook, including a health/risk forecast.
    • Just as BoD meeting minutes are posted on the governance wiki, so too shall minutes from the community meeting, including the annual report.

There was a long discussion on what financial transparency really means. The consens of the board was that some type of reporting of the financial status needs to be produced for publishing in Governance but it should be on a regular basis and that regularity needs to be decided. More research needs to done to see what type or interval an organization like ours is required to report.

The board agrees that a Budget would need to be developed so the numbers will make sense and the members can see where the dollars are headed. Most of this data is in the 990s but a more regular type of report needs to be developed and this type could be shown on a quarterly basis.

The 990s show our debts and our income but as all tax documents are confusing. One conclusion would be that Board minutes would include short term financial outlook. The board agrees that a Budget would need to be developed so the numbers will make sense and the members can see where the dollars are headed. Most of this data is in the 990s but a more regular type of report needs to be developed and this type could be shown on a quarterly basis.

Again the financial committee will draw up a template of the Budget and then the Board can then flesh that out at the Face to Face.

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Motion for adjournment Ski Dan Seconded