Board meeting Minutes/24 Mar 2014

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10 Mar 2014
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7 Apr 2014

Minutes approved: 7 Apr 2014

  • NOTICE to those on the line: All present agree to a temporary recording of this call to be be deleted no later than when the minutes are approved. Please speak up if you disagree with this and we will discuss it after roll call.
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(Subject to verification) John Boris, Ski Kacoroski, William Bilancio, Martin Gehrke, Matt Simmons, Matt Disney
Dan Rich, Evan Pettrey, Mike Julian
8:10 PM Eastern Time
8:55 PM Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Action Items

See RT Board Queue

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report

no report due to Evan's absence.

  • Membership report
    • See CiviCRM
    • Current Membership: 856 (68 students)
    • New Members: 17 (10 students)
    • Renewing Members: 5 (0 students)
    • Lapsed members this month: 98 (essentially, all Cascadia memberships)
      • I emailed Dan a question about how to import the Cascadia memberships, but I haven't heard back yet.
      • Since Cascadia only offers a LOPSA membership for people taking a full day, rather than half day, it looks as though there will be between 70-75 members incoming from it.
  • Conference/events activities report

Cascadia was a success. LOPSA-East is now open for registration and Earl Birds have been open for a week. A trainer cancelled and a few keynotes cancelled but we are in a rush to fill spots. The next conference is LISA which we will work on after the elections.

  • Local Chapter Committee report
    • Helped an interested Member get a LOPSA-RI (Rhode Island) group off the ground. Thanks to Matt and Ski for the press and emails to local members. Mrtin will check back in with a guy from DC to start a Chapter. There is a chapter there and he is trying to get them together. He will also get back with the Atlanta group to see how they are doing.
  • Development report
  • Communications (LOPSAgram, #lopsa-live, etc)

The LOPSAGram is getting ready for publishing. The committee is pushing for everyone to use the Google Form for submissions. The automated LOPSAGram is still in progress. Ski and Matt had a meeting to get some new pamphlets going. William will check what was sent back from LISA to see what is need to be reproduced. Matt will be working on an LPR and Locals Pamphlet/flyer. A question came up about LOPSA-Live and if a new format has been found yet. Matt Simmons has not found anything that has been able to fill our needs.

  • Project Management report
    • As discussed at last week's strategic meeting, all of the project leaders need to updated web2project with their milestones and projected time frames for each project.
  • Liaison reports (LC, etc.)
    • Technical Services Report (Mike)

No report as Mike is absent

    • Mentorship Report (John)

The LMPT core team has been working on the automation of the Protege Enrollment process. We have just started a dialogue with the Infra Team to iron out an easy way for Proteges and Mentors to share documents. They are currently using Google Docs and have been experiencing issues when sharing documents. With the proposal to have all Proteges be LOPSA Members they are looking for ways to make the identifying of members easier. The LMPT submitted this proposal a month or so ago and has been discussed via email. The LMPT has discussed this thoroughly and feel that it is in the best interest of LOPSA to require the membership.

A discussion followed with the end point being the Board left it with the LMPT core team to come back how they want to handle the form. John will get with the LMPT team and redo the Policy for Proteges to require them to be LOPSA members. The LMPT core team would be tasked to get back to the Board how they want to handle the change for Proteges and how they want to handle the embership requirements.

Second Proposal of the LMPT is to provide recognition to the Mentors and Proteges. The Core team has discussed various ways to reward the mentors and Proteges. Use of Badges (, waive the LPR Fee, Waiver or discount on membership fees to name a few. I would like to start a short discussion on this to hear what people feel on rewarding members for being a part of the program. The core team has worked intensely on getting feedback from the mentors and Proteges on performance. Here is the Question: What are your feelings on rewarding LOPSA Members for being active and successful Mentors in the Mentorship Program and what kind of reward do you think is appropriate.

A discussion followed on how to recognize the Mentors and Proteges. The Board is in agreement that we should recognize our members who go the extra step and get involved. There is criteria for the recognition. The Board decided to have John get back to the LMPT core team and ask them for their criteria that would gain a mentor recognition and what recognition they would get. The same request would be for the Protege.

    • LOPSA Professional Recognition (Matt Simmons)

Matt described the process. The team is currently tallying the votes and will announce the recipients in the next LOPSAGram. Matt did get the stamp.

    • Leadership Committee (Ski)

We have one person who has committed to running for election and one who verbally committed. Ski asked for everyone to promote the elections and ask people if they are interested. Ski also asked that it be discussed at LOPSA-East.

2014 Budget Approval (Dan)

Everyone has received the budget as a Google Docs share, this budget is made up of the input from each of the committee chair/liasons as well as work done by the Finance Committee. As the Finance Committee has already reviewed and approved this budget, I would like to make the following motion:

Moved by Daniel Rich, that the proposed budget as submitted by the Finance Committee be approved as the LOPSA operating budget for the 2014 fiscal year.

Martin had a question of the Annual Meeting (Face to Face)costs was for and William explained it was travel, Stenographer, Food and meeting room.

Seconded by William

The motion passed without objection

Financial Transparency (MPS)

With the (presumed, at the time of writing) approval of the budget, I think that we should continue to work toward transparency by ending the practice of striking the financial report from the public meeting minutes. This item is for discussion, a decision to be determined at next meeting. John gave an explanation of how he transcribes the minutes since he took over from Jesse. Some of the Board members felt that the 990s were sufficient. There was a feeling from the some members that since we are publishing a Budget it would be better to have more data in the Treasurers report.

Ski suggested that MPS start an email thread so a discussion of the report layout can take place.

New Business

No new Business



Matt Simmons Motioned to adjourn Seconded by William