Board meeting Minutes/30 April 2019

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16 April 2019
Board meeting Minutes Next:
9 May 2019

Minutes approved: 20 August 2019

Andy Cowell (President), Andy Cowell (VP), Brian Globerman (Treasurer), Andree Jacobson (Secretary), Scott Suehle, Danielle White, Branson Matheson
Drew Adams, Daniel Hodges
9.04pm Eastern Time
9.40pm Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

No minutes to approve.

Standing Reports

Treasurer's report (Globerman)

Balance on 3/17/2019: $28,700, About $1k outgoing expenses

Discussion: Minutes should be cleaned up, Secretary should do that. Andree + Andy should go through this. Meeting set for Friday May 3.

Membership report (Hodges)

No report

Committee reports

Conferences/Events (Matheson)

LISA (in Portland this year) plans are being formulated. Branson will make it happen, but requests some legwork from board to deal with things like booth materials, etc.

Marketing/Communications (Adams)

Board will need to discuss community manager in special meeting. Andy will do poll for emergency meeting session shortly.

Technical Services (White)

Only issue raised by the technical team was about nominations and upcoming elections. Scott Murphy is still involved, has agreed to lightly assist this year.

Discussion: Danielle, Drew, and Andy (need to run again). Hodges (who replaced Alexey in 2018 will have to run again). Scott (counts as elected in 2018). Andree & Branson was elected in 2018 for a slot, still need to fill Mark’s spot. Danielle discloses she will not be running again, Andy discloses the same. May need help rigging up election infrastructure.

Education, Training and Mentorship (Cowell)

LOPSA web pages about new program (through Slack). One potential mentee on the channel. Branson has volunteered to mentor. Notes: Changes need to be publicized.

Recognition (Suehle: absent)

Discussion: Andy will bring Scott into discussion with Scott (Murhpy).

Leadership (Suehle: absent)

Locals/Chapters (Lamourine - Resigned, needs new rep)

Discussion: Branson volunteers to take charge of local chapters.

Proposal: Branson to become new Locals / Chapters board representative Andy moved the proposal. Scott seconded. Motion carries unanimously.

Action item: Danielle to instruct tech team to update to point to Branson's email.

Established chapters

  • LA - No activity
  • Columbus - No activity
  • ETENN - No activity
  • Ottawa Valley System Administrators Guild - No activity
  • Seattle Area System Administrators Guild - No activity
  • San Diego - No activity
  • NJ - No activity
  • Chicago - No activity

New Business

Emergency Meeting

Due to recent lack of board presence, need to have an emergency board session to discuss community manager. Other main topic is upcoming elections that we need to deal with. Will put out doodle to schedule emergency session.



 Scott Motioned for Adjournment
 Branson Seconded