Board meeting Minutes/31 October 2005

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24 October 2005
Board meeting Minutes Next:
3 November 2005

Minutes approved: 7 November 2005

Tom Perrine (chair), Andrew Hume, Stephen Potter, Chris Palmer, Doug Hughes, Pat Wilson (note taker), Trey Harris, David Parter
Sam Albrecht
2203 EST
00:13 EST

Consent Agenda

MOTION: Approve consent agenda (Hume, Hughes second) - passes

Action Items

  • Harris:
    • Draft a procedure for the vacancy appointment and charge for the Leadership Committee - not done
    • Contact Rose (chair of the Leadership Committee) - not done
  • Hume:
    • provide a updated version of the budget for review and approval by email - DONE
  • Wilson:
    • Approach BayLISA about co-hosting the locals BoF - not done
  • Albrecht:
    • Continue work on merchant account procurement. - no report

Nov 18 report

  • Review the status of the report

Sense of the Board is that, once the language has been finalized, it should be sent on to the Usenix Board, fulfilling our obligations under the June 2004 Usenix Board motion. It will also appear in the November Memo to Members.

ACTION: Wilson to finalize LISA section of the report

ACTION: Hume to make motion to approve the report via email after it's been finalized.

Reactions to Friday's vote

MOTION: Board to go into Executive Session (Wilson moves, Potter seconds) - passes

[Executive session entered 22:18 EST]
[Executive session ends 00:13 EST]

MOTION: Palmer moves to take action items out of executive session (Wilson seconds) - passes

ACTION: Hume to send November 18th report to Usenix Board

ACTION: Palmer to draft a Memo to Members including framing the Nov 18th report and our future plans

ACTION: Perrine, Wilson to draft a business plan for newSAGE

ACTION: Hume to continue to pursue parallel negotiations with Usenix Board members

ACTION: Finalize plans for LISA BoFs (all) and awards (Hughes)

ACTION: Hughes, Parter to work on techincal aspects of website

ACTION: Potter to lead content/design efforts of website

ACTION: Harris to continue the resume project

Membership policy

  • Finish discussion and approval of policy on membership classes from 24 Oct agenda
    • Deferred until 7 November

Travel and reimbursement policy

  • Finish discussion and approval of travel and reimbursement policy from 17 Oct agenda
    • Deferred until 7 November

Approval of Awards

Approval of cash outlay for OA and Yerkes awards to be presented at LISA (assuming we still can)

ACTION: Awards committee to send budget request (dollar amount) to the Board; approve via email motion

New Business

The name game

  • ACTION: Palmer to lead efforts to find an acceptable new name for newSAGE.