Board meeting Minutes/6 September 2010

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23 August 2010
Board meeting Minutes Next:
18-19 September 2010

Minutes approved: 18-19 September 2010

Philip Kizer (chair), Lois Bennett, William Bilancio, Ski Kacoroski, Jimmy Kaplowitz
Derek Balling, Dan Rich, David Parter, Jesse Trucks
20:22 Eastern Time
20:46 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Action Items

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report (second meeting of the month only)
  • Membership report
  • Technical services report
  • Conference/events activities report
  • Development report (Meeting focus at first meeting of the month)
  • Upcoming MtM (last meeting of the month only)

Plans for the In-Person Meeting (Kizer)

  • Goals, plans, and how to prepare for the in-person meeting.
    • Collaborative software needs - plans are to use the Google app tools
    • What to think about and bring to the meeting

Web Presence Update (Bilancio)

  • Status Update
    • Progress, needs, and go-live date



Bilancio moved and Bennett seconded a motion to adjourn at 20:46