Communicate better, communicate regularly

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Situation: We've had a string of failures: LOPSA East cancelled, CasITConf was in the red this year, Mentorship Program is dead in the water, lost our non-profit status. Our paid memberships (and operating income) have dwindled from a high of 800 members to under 400 members. Traffic on the mailing lists has died down. Less than 40 members voted in the last election. Unless something changes, we're headed for extinction.

Purpose: Turn the membership trend around and get people to think well of LOPSA and want to join and participate.

Strategic plan: Get some wins and make them known. Communicate better, communicate regularly. Hire a part-time remote Community Manager to ensure the LOPSAGram goes out monthly.

Start looking at marketing firms that understands non-profits, and do a small initial engagement as a feeler. Their first project can be to help increase attendance at CasITConf.