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This website is not affiliated with SAGE or the USENIX Association. The use of the term "SAGE" below is historical, and refers either to the SAGE subgroup of USENIX, or to a precursor of the organization now called LOPSA.

Awards Committee charge

Policy approved by the Board on 3 October 2005.

  1. Determine a recipient for SAGE Outstanding Achievement Award. Past award winners can be found at http://sage.org/execcomm/awards.mm
    1. Ineligible recipients
      1. current Usenix or SAGE board members
      2. past recipients
    2. Write a brief description of the achievements of the individual(s) that merit the award that will be published on the website and used at presentation time. (See URL above for examples)
      1. multiple recipients are not unprecedented where they share a common achievement
      2. no recipient is also not unprecedented (e.g. 2002)
      3. restated: minimum number of recipients is 0.
  2. Determine a recipient for the SAGE Chuck Yerkes memorial award that recognizes an individual for "outstanding individual contributions on member forums".

Here are the Terms Of Reference for the Yerkes Award for 2004 and 2005:

1. That, commencing with 2004, SAGE create an annual award to
   recognise members who contribute to the community through their
   postings to the sage-members list and related forums.

2. This award is to be known as the "Chuck Yerkes Award for
   outstanding individual contribution on member forums".

3. Receipients will be determined by a panel of members (the "awards
   committee"), appointed by the Board of Directors.

4. The awards committee will be issued with the following mandate:
    a. Candidates must be members of SAGE.
    b. Candidates are to be evaluated on the following criteria:
        - frequency (how many times they have contributed throughout
          the course of the year);
        - helpfulness (the degree to which their posts were
          instructive in moving towards a viable solution);
        - educational value (the degree to which the candidate
          provided insight into their reasoning, such that both the
          original poster and also the greater membership might learn
          from the thread);
        - consistency; and
        - profesionalism (this includes such attributes as the lack of
          inflammatory material).
    c. The award is not open to current members of the Board of

5. The award will be presented at the major SAGE conference each year.
   [Presently LISA]

Deadline for both awards is 10/24/05 at which time they will be submitted to the SAGE board for final approval and confirmation. The nominees for the awards shall be given to the Award committee chair (Doug Hughes) who will present them to the SAGE board.