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Etiquette Policy

Policy approved by the Board on 20 August 2010.

Purpose and scope

The purpose of the LOPSA Etiquette policy is to ensure that LOPSA is a professional, non-discriminatory organization in all LOPSA associated forums such as conferences, meetings, email lists, IRC, Linked-In, Facebook, etc. These forums are not a personal or private space but a shared space where any remark or posting reflects upon the entire LOPSA community and as such reflect upon the LOPSA community as a whole. All LOPSA members are bound by our Code of Ethics, and this should be reflected in our respectful and professional conduct with one another regardless of the forum.

Etiquette Guidelines

  1. EQUALITY: Everyone can state their opinions as long as they follow the rest of this policy.
  2. KNOWLEDGE: Answer any questions to the best of your knowledge - it is best that you do not answer what you don't know to avoid confusion.
  3. RESPECT: Be respectful of everybody and assume they are speaking or posting in good faith- even if they are asking the most unimaginable questions. Either voice your opinion courteously, or voice no opinion.
  4. RESTRAINT: Think before speaking or posting an inflammatory remark. If it isn't appropriate at work and home it is not appropriate here.
  5. INCLUSIVE: Attacking people in a personal way, for example: about their race, beliefs, gender, sexual preferences, choice of technology, and any and all other personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  6. COMMON SENSE: If you are doing something that, however innocent, results in the forum going bananas, use your common sense and stop.
  7. PRIVACY: Never divulge personal or private information without consent


If a person violates the LOPSA Etiquette Policy, there will be at least one warning issued with possible more strict punitive measures depending on the medium or forum and nature of the infraction.