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Liaisons to other organizations

Policy approved by the Board on 13 March 2006.

Purpose and scope

LOPSA may from time to time engage in partnerships with other organizations lasting a significant duration of time and encompassing many activities. In such cases, the Board may designate an individual to serve as liaison from LOPSA to the partner organization.

This policy shall be applicable to any case where the Board designates, by motion, an individual, whether volunteer or staff, to serve as "liaison" or to "liaise" with another entity. This policy shall not apply when there has been no explicit Board action to designate a liaison, or when the Board uses other terminology such as "represent", "approach", or "work with".


The duties of a liaison from LOPSA to another organization include:

  • Acting as a point of contact for LOPSA. This includes answering questions and offering advice on LOPSA matters. Any formal interactions and decisions must be made by the Board, unless explicitly delegated.
  • Acting as an observer within the other organization on behalf of LOPSA. This includes being familiar with activities within the organization and relevant to LOPSA, and looking for opportunities for collaboration between LOPSA and the other organization.
  • Reporting to the Board periodically (monthly is recommended) on the status of the liaison relationship.