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Project copyright

Policy approved by the Board on 12 June 2006.

This policy is a default policy to govern the creation of content by committees or projects of LOPSA, in absense of a specific arrangement or exemption established by the Board for a given project.

Ownership of copyright

Ownership of the copyright on content created by a committee or project of LOPSA shall be held by LOPSA.

Rights of attribution

LOPSA commits not to publish or otherwise disseminate any material created by a committee or project of LOPSA without giving authorship credit to all contributors. This right may be waved by project or committee members where appropriate.

Publication of material

If content created under this policy is published, LOPSA pledges to publish it openly for any person to access; no material created under this policy will be published in such a manner that only LOPSA members may access it. If the material is for sale rather than freely available, then LOPSA may offer it to members at a discount.


Content may be created and rights transferred to LOPSA under other conditions and terms by exceptions granted by the Board on a per-project or per-committee basis.