Locals Committee/Locals Committee Charter

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  • To develop and maintain the LOPSA Locals Program
  • To encourage, promote, advise, and support participants in the LOPSA Locals Program
  • To report to the LOPSA Board of Directors on the state of the Locals Program on a regular basis and as needed

The LOPSA Board of Directors shall appoint a current LOPSA member in good standing to be the Locals Committee Chair (LCC). If the LCC is not a current member of the LOPSA Board of Directors, a liaison shall be appointed to the Locals Committee from among the current LOPSA Board of Directors.

The LCC shall choose Locals Committee members at will and as needed.

The LOPSA Locals Committee shall manage the LOPSA Locals Program rules and regulations, in accordance with the policies as approved by the LOPSA Board of Directors, including, but not limited to, formation, operation, and dissolution of Locals Program participant groups.

The LCC shall coordinate on all communications between the Locals Committee and the LOPSA Board of Directors regarding Locals issues. The LCC shall manage, plan, coordinate, and/or delegate Locals Committee tasks as needed to Locals Committee members.

Due to potential access to sensitive LOPSA membership data, all members of the Locals Committee shall have a signed copy of the LOPSA Non-Disclosure Agreement on file with LOPSA Staff prior to any granting of access to sensitive information or resources.