Run CasITConf 2018

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Situation: We don't have a venue and attendance was low year, and the conference actually lost money. Moreover, we don't have our non-profit status back yet which makes it harder to ask for sponsors.

Purpose: to advance the practice of system administration through education and training; and to increase membership.

Strategic Plan:

The LOPSA board will assist the Cascadia IT conference in recruiting 2-4 additional local volunteers (who are not LOPSA Board members) to help with running the conference; and will re-assess its involvement with CasITConf in 30 days.

In the meantime, the Conferences committee will help the CasITConf Chair find a venue, and set a conference date that would give adequate time to promote the event (6 months runway), starting the promotion at LISA. (Note: the date shouldn't conflict with Northwest Linux Fest, give a couple of weeks separation).

Once the CasITConf conference committee is fully staffed, including non LOPSA Board members as per above, leverage the LOPSA member base to find speakers and sponsorships.