Board meeting Minutes/19 January 2009

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5 January 2009
Board meeting Minutes Next:
2 February 2009

Minutes approved: 2 February 2009

Trey Harris (chair), Derek Balling, Philip Kizer, Stephen Potter, Jesse Trucks
Matthew Barr, Chris Palmer, David Parter, Bob Apthorpe
Deepa Solanki
8:30 PM Eastern Time
9:04 PM Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Consent agenda passes.

Standing Reports

  • Executive Director's report
  • Treasurer's report (second meeting of the month only)
  • Membership report
  • Technical services report
  • Conference/events activities report
  • Development report (Meeting focus at first meeting of the month)
  • Upcoming MtM (last meeting of the month only)

O'Reilly Open Source Conference (Balling)

  • ORA has indicated to Balling that we qualify for a free .org booth, however, we need to know who would be available to go to man the booth. Balling THOUGHT he would be able to, but that doesn't really look promising at the moment. In accordance with past experience, we should determine the on-site and point-person (Balling is willing to spearhead it but simply can't GO) before committing.

Discuss Action Items and Project Status (Kizer)

  • Get an update from each and every board member on the status of their current projects and what resources are needed to facilitate progress. (In slightly more detail than the summaries at the beginning of the meeting),

Executive Session (Harris)

Board enters executive session at 8:40 pm. Board leaves executive session at 9:04 pm.


MOTION by Balling, second Trucks to adjourn. Passed.

Board adjourns at 9:05 pm.