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* All
* All
** Re-read [[2006_business_plan(s) | business plan]]
** Re-read business plan
== Standing Reports ==
== Standing Reports ==

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12 June 2006
Board meeting Minutes Next:
26 June 2006

Minutes approved: 26 June 2006

Tom Perrine (chair), Matthew Barr, Doug Hughes, Andrew Hume, Chris Palmer, David Parter, Stephen Potter, Pat Wilson (note taker), Sam Albrecht
Trey Harris
20:03 Eastern Time
21:08 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Consent agenda approved

Action Items

Board Committees

  • Development Committee (Wilson/Potter)

[Palmer joins at 20:09]

  • Partnership and Liason Committee (Perrine)
    • Invitation from "S" to partner on an upcoming event. - Albrecht and Wilson will investigate.

[Parter joins at 20:10]

  • Leadership Committee (Greg Rose)
  • Policy Committee (Harris)
  • Communications Committee
    • press releases for 500th member? - Palmer will write a press release.
    • LOPSA profile of 500th member? - Parter will contact the member for comments.
  • Membership Committee

Program Committees

  • Conference Planning Committee (Wilson/Perrine)
    • Training event (Parter): see wiki - in progress
  • Technical (Online) Services (Hughes/Parter)
    • Parter - Monthly transaction/product sales reports - backburnered
    • Parter - Mailing lists/online forum - no action; Parter will recruit help
    • Parter - Sponsorships page from database - backburnered
  • Content Services Committee (Palmer/Potter)


  • Financial
    • Hume - Prepare statement about AH payment [due 6/19] - no action
    • Hume - prepare annual financial report [due 6/19] - no action
  • Albrecht:
    • Coordinate (with Perrine) volunteers for outreach project. - in progress
    • Touch base with IRS [due 6/26]
      • Called IRS on 6/13. Application was on his desk, still waiting for a copy of the filed Articles of Incorporation. His initial request was for a copy of the Articles of Incorporation that we had filed with the state of NJ - a little different from a filed copy, which I've now requested from the state of NJ. It should be here in a couple of weeks, and then I'll send it to him. Recommend keeping this open and changing the new due date to 7/17/06.
  • Barr:
  • Harris:
    • Post a description of the Resume Standards project - no report
    • Present draft financial policies for Board approval - no report
  • Hughes:
  • Hume:
    • Work with Usenix to pursuade them to sign a grant letter to the IRS - a situation update was given
  • Palmer:
  • Parter:
  • Perrine:
  • Potter:
  • Wilson:
  • All
    • Re-read business plan

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report (first meeting of the month only)
  • Membership report
    • See report for this week's status
  • Online report

Business plan review and approval

Final discussion regarding purpose (directional) and malleability (it's a living document) of the business plan.

[Barr joins at 20:50]

MOTION: to approve the business plan by Wilson, seconded by Hume Passes.

Volunteer recognition program

MOTION: by Hume, seconded by Hughes to adopt the Volunteer Recognition Program as proposed. Passes.

Approve Storage Networking MOU

  • Per ongoing discussions with Storage Network Users Group since LISA, the MOU is now at a point where I recommend approval by the LOPSA Board of Directors. See: Storage Networking MOU
  • While the MOU is short on specifics, additional details have been worked out by email:
    • No exchange of membership lists, but an email sent out to each group announcing the partnership.
    • UCSD will write and issue the press release with input from LOPSA
    • They don't have any meetings, but are interested in free booth space if we have availability.
    • They will distribute our membership literature/flyer at local SNUG meetings if the local leader finds it appropriate.
    • Link exchange to: http://www.storagenetworking.org/about_affiliates.asp and info about LOPSA posated there. We'd need to create a link for Industry Partners, under "Community".
    • Interested in exploring occasional joint locals meetings where thare are locals from both groups in the same city.

MOTION: by Wilson, seconded by Palmer to adopt the Storage Networking MOU as written. Passes.

ACTION ITEM: Hume to chat with the SNIA Chief Scientist regarding possible partnering.

Sponsorship Development

Deferred until 26 June meeting

ACTION ITEM: All to individually consider sponsorship development opportunities in preparation for brainstorming on 6/26

It was noted that Hughes has had inquiries from a number of firms regarding posting on the jobs board.


The April financials were email and received by the Board.


MOTION to adjourn by Palmer, seconded by Hume. Passes. Adjourned at 21:07 ET