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6 November 2007
Board meeting Minutes Next:
4 December 2007

Trey Harris (chair), Stephen Potter, Bob Apthorpe, Derek Balling, Matthew Barr*, Philip Kizer, Chris Palmer*, David Parter, Sam Albrecht
Jesse Trucks
7:09 Eastern Time
8:52 Eastern Time

Redactions below were approved by the Board.

Consent Agenda

  • Approve minutes of 6 November 2007
  • Approve redactions of 6 November 2007 minutes
  • Record email motion: MOTION: That the luggage tags previously purchased for resale be repurposed as booth giveaway items, the source of funding for which to be determined at a later date. Passed 14 November 2007.
  • Record email motion: MOTION: That we recognize Esther Filderman as the LOPSA Volunteer of the Year at the Community Meeting tomorrow at Dallas, and that not more than {redacted} be budgeted to purchase a fitting gift or award for her. Passed 14 November 2007.

Passed without objection

Action Items

Standing Reports

  • Executive Director's report
    • IRS update: Reassigned to another new agent, still no forward progress after multiple calls and time on hold. Next report due in two weeks.
    • Working on budget, financial reports, and development for 2008. AH working on membership card and email issues.

AI: Sam to report back on membership card options ("better quality" in two weeks)

  • Treasurer's report (second meeting of the month only)
  • Membership report
    • Email went out to members who didn't get expire notices. There might still be some bugs in it, but the tech-team is monitoring the situation. The email campaign has resulted in an increase in renewals.
  • Technical Services Committee report
    • RFC in draft stage within Tech Team and going out to general membership soon.
    • Plan in the works post LISA for developing a timeline on the site upgrade.
  • Conference/events activities report

See later

Discussion: Policy for email addresses

TABLED until next meeting

Discussion: LISA 2007 Wrap-up

  • Manning The Booth
  • Shirt Sales and Such
  • LOPSA After Dark
    • {18 words redacted; business sensitivity}
    • {7 words redacted; business sensitivity}
  • Things to make notes about for next year while they're fresh in our minds

{178 words redacted; business sensitivity, personnel issues}

LOPSA Public Policy Program

BOF report, next steps (dparter)

BOF went really well, overall response favorable; logistical concerns about cumbersome and not bugging people; keep emphasizing policy adoption based on "professional system administrators and impact on profession"; membership vote must be advisory, board must maintain ability to react to issues; definitely enough interest to move forward

Discussion: Regional Organization (Locals) Committee Charter

Please review and comment on the draft Regional Organization Committee charter

Tabled until next meeting for rewording of bullet two

LOPSA/AH Sponsorship Revenue Sharing Program (spp)

We've been operating under a "revenue sharing" program with AH since Michele started working on sponsorships. Sam and I both believe this was voted on prior, but can not find it in the minutes. So, we want to get it fully documented as to what is and is not included. Question: should this be also be copied into the AH contract?

MOTION: LOPSA agrees to pay to AH 50% of any sponsorship revenue collected for 2007 in excess of the 2006 corporate and consultant sponsorship levels - after in-kind contributions have been deducted. Individual sponsorships will be excluded from this agreement. In consideration, AH agrees to not charge for any time spent on sponsorship development, particularly by the development director, Michele Biordi, and the executive director, Sam Albrecht. This agreement will renew for 2008 under similar conditions based against 2007 figures.

Motion by Potter, second by Balling, approved without objection.

2008 Budget Proposal

MOTION by Potter, second by Parter, to approve budget as draft; APPROVED without objection.


Bi-weekly format seems to work for most, with hope for some additional activity. Let's look at different day/time for meeting.


MOTION by Balling, second by Apthorpe to adjourn. PASSED.

Meeting adjourned at 8:52.