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This website is not affiliated with SAGE or the USENIX Association. The use of the term "SAGE" below may be historical.

14 November 2005
Board meeting Minutes Next:
28 November 2005

Minutes approved: 28 November 2005

Redactions below were approved by the Board.

Tom Perrine (chair), Andrew Hume, Stephen Potter, Chris Palmer, Doug Hughes, Trey Harris, David Parter, Pat Wilson (note taker)
Sam Albrecht
20:04 EST
22:22 EST

Consent Agenda

MOTION: to approve consent agenda by Hume, second by Hughes - passes

Action Items

  • Harris:
    • Draft a procedure for the vacancy appointment and charge for the Leadership Committee - DONE
    • Notify Leadership Committee of Founding member status offer - DONE
    • Migrate all 3 wikis (Board, Public, and Drupal) to new machine - not done
    • Draft policy on hosted mailing lists following thread and outline on wiki - DONE - see below
  • Hume:
    • Review minutes and provide a list of redactions pertaining to SAGECom that may now be restored - not done
    • Email Usenix Board regarding their receipt of the Nov 18th report - DONE
  • Palmer:
    • Notify current membership of proposed bylaw change - not done - see below
  • Parter:
    • Finalize and order stickers (with Welch, Wilson) - DONE
  • Perrine:
    • Draft a business plan for LOPSA (with Wilson) - not done
    • Investigate Google ads and the possibility of a Google Foundation grant - DONE
      • sent Adsense info to board
      • Google Foundation - not accepting any applications at this time
      • Google Grants - provides free ads in Adsense for 501c3
        • Cannot be in Adsense program, must have completed 501c3 status (in other words, we aren't eligible at this time)
    • Verify T&C suite location, arrangements - DONE
      • A Lanai suite, ground floor, tower, right next to the convention center, one bedroom w/King bed, pullout sofa in living room $400/night, checking in 12/6, checking out 12/10, conf ("in old system") 6u7fm, in the name Tom Perrine
    • Draft and send email to current Advisory Council members. - DONE - sent 17 Nov 2026 Pacific - no response of any kind as of 21 Nov
  • Potter:
    • Draft a proposal regarding membership for sponsors and the other issues (with Wilson) - DONE - see below
  • Wilson:
    • Draft a business plan for LOPSA (with Perrine) - not done
    • Draft a proposal regarding membership for sponsors and the other issues (with Potter) - DONE - see below
    • Create a booth schedule for LISA - in progress - see wiki
    • Find out how much electricity to booth will cost - DONE
      • 5 Amp/500 Watt 120V: $99.50; 10 Amp/1000 Watt 120V: $179.25
    • Finalize and order stickers (with Parter, Welch) - DONE
    • Investigate ribbons - in progress
  • Albrecht:
    • Continue work on merchant account procurement - no report
    • Register for LISA - no report
    • Get membership roll in order - no report

Online update (Hughes, et al)

  • Discuss policy on hosted mailing lists (Harris)

ACTION ITEM: Harris to make changes/amendments to policy as discussed and present to Board in email motion

  • Discuss online content (Parter)
    • update: PayPal e-commerce works; "Recent Changes" link; "My Drafts" link; we now have 3 mailman admins; a 2nd machine will be reinstalled w/ Debian; Matt Harlow mostly done w/ paypal feedback mechanism (auto pay-record); LuftHans will wrangle volunteers
    • currently 230 online accounts (some are duplicates)
    • volunteer skill-set tools will be migrated this week
    • new colors approved and published for all users

Discussion on general content and editorial policy ensued.

ACTION ITEM: Palmer, Potter will draft a proposal for overarching website content/editoral direction

Amazon Associates link needs to be publicized; cafepress link and the LOPSA web buttons need to be someplace prominent on the site

ACTION ITEM: Parter to announce Amazon Associates link to the public

LISA update

  • booth
    • schedule on wiki - set up Tuesday (don't wait until last minute)
    • graphics
      • Perrine will find easels for booth graphic signs; discussion on final signage will occur with feedback to Welch by noon on the 22nd.
    • flyer
      • Perrine will draft words for the flyer
  • schwag
    • t-shirts, pins, stickers are ordered. ribbons are in progress
    • still need to get banners, lamination supplies
  • plan for suite
    • Wilson will make a table for suite schedule on the LISA page


  • New sponsors this week
    • money from Rose, Frisch, and Townsend arrived
    • we need to decide on plaques

ACTION ITEM: Potter, Wilson to decide on sponsor "plaque" details

  • Potential sponsors

(44 words redacted - business sensitivity)

ACTION ITEM: Wilson to propose a bulk-membership for sponsors plan

(15 words redacted - business sensitivity)

Usenix negotiations

We'll continue to attempt to negotiate with Usenix, but will focus more on forward-thinking member services.

ACTION ITEM: Wilson to draft a "sense of the board" message regarding LOPSA's position on the Usenix negotiations.

Membership Issues Update (Potter)

Individual Contributor Memberships

MOTION: To include a single one-year individual membership as a benefit for Platinum level individual sponsors. Current sponsors will retroactively be offered their choice of a charter or regular membership; those who have already paid membership dues will be offered a one year extention.

MOTION moved by Potter, seconded by Hume. Passes.

The Board may wish to review the level at which the individual membership is offered after 1 Feb 2006 when the EMILY auto-upgrade expires.

Multiyear Memberships

MOTION: To approve a three year charter membership option, currently priced at $135. Current charter members should be provided an opportunity to pay the extra $85 to upgrade to a three year membership.

MOTION moved by Potter, seconded by Hume. Passes 7 in favor, Parter opposed

Lifetime Membership

The recommendation of the Development committee is to NOT offer a lifetime membership option at this time. The sense of the Board was that a proposal for a lifetime membership class would be considered if one was to be made in the future.

Notifications policy (Palmer)

Now that we have 60 odd members, the notification of the bylaw change becomes more difficult, and we need a formal notification policy and mechanism before I can accomplish my todo item.

ACTION ITEM: Palmer will draft a policy for formal notifications and submit to Board by email

New Business

Tabled until 28 November.

Advisory Council

Discussion regarding lack of repsonse to Perrine's email update (thanks for past service and desire to continue). It's possible that Advisory Council members are feeling underutilized. Perhaps they're the correct group to look at the LOPSA business plan once it's drafted?

ACTION ITEM: Perrine to write another note to the Advisory Council

Membership Report

Currently 59 (paid) charter members, 5 (paid) individual members

Business Plan

The business plan should be a priority as soon as LISA plans are settled. This should be on the agenda for the LISA meeting.


MOTION to adjourn by Hume, seconded by Wilson - passes. Adjourned at 22:22 EST