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9 October 2018
Board meeting Minutes Next:
6 November 2018

Minutes approved: 20 August 2019

Scott Suehle, Brian Globerman (Treasurer), Mark Lamourine, Andree Jacobson (Secretary), Branson Matheson
Andy Cowell (President), Drew Adams, Danielle White
9.16pm Eastern Time
9.35pm Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

No meetings to approve. Andree has not had a sync with Aleksey yet, and Wiki access might not yet have been set.

Standing Reports

Treasurer's report (Globerman, Beech, Suehle)

Bank balance on 10/21/2018: $27,320.70 This represents a $109.22 increase since last reported balance on 10/9/2018

  • Proposal 1 - Agree to not renew Xinspire mentorship program for 2019, notify current participants of program end by 11/1/2018

Scott moves the proposal, Mark motions. Andree seconds. Motion carries unanimously.

Membership report (Ludeke)

Nothing to report.

Committee reports

Conferences/Events (Adams)

No report.

Marketing/Communications (Adams)

No report.

Technical Services (White)

No report.

New board members need to get accounts to access to Wiki and email.

Education, Training and Mentorship (Cowell)

No report.

Recognition (Suehle)

LISA is coming up soon - we need to get a meeting set up for that.

Leadership (Suehle)

Nothing to report. Drew has person interested

Locals/Chapters (Lamourine)

Mark is waiting on something from Aleksey, promises to follow up with LOPSAGram.

Established chapters

  • LA - No activity
  • Columbus - No activity
  • ETENN - No activity
  • Ottawa Valley System Administrators Guild - No activity
  • Seattle Area System Administrators Guild - will have regular monthly meeting in November, LISA will be topic.
  • San Diego - No activity

Forming chapters

  • NJ - No activity
  • Chicago - No activity

Proposal to save money and increase membership fees (Globerman)

  • Proposal: Poll membership on methods of generating additional income to cover Community Manager expenses: raise membership dues (and by how much), implement nominal student membership dues, or some combination. Goal is to either have additional revenue stream in place to mostly cover this expense, or have made decision to discontinue the position by 1/1/2019.

Scott asks to get a proposal typed up for this topic for review by the entire board, especially for new board members. Important topic, but should address on board (to get agreement) before we go to the general membership. Brian promises to expand on this proposal and distribute this to the board.


Nothing further.


 Andree Motioned for Adjournment
 Scott Seconded