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19 Dec 2011
Board meeting Minutes Next:
16 Jan 2012

Minutes approved: 16 Jan 2012

Philip Kizer (chair), William Bilancio, Ski Kacoroski, Nadine Miller, Lois Bennett, Chris St. Pierre
Jesse Trucks, Dan Rich, Matt Disney,
2108 Eastern Time
Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

These are held until next meeting so folks have time to look at them.

Action Items

See RT Board Queue

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report
    • Lois plans to start using quickbooks the first of January. We have a healthy balance in our account.
  • Membership report
    • Doing ok, hoping another big gain from Cascadia and PICC.
  • Technical services report
    • Server running well since LISA.
    • Have a volunteer (David Lang) to help out getting the forums going.
  • Conference/events activities report
    • SCALE is the next major conference - we have four training sessions and a booth
    • Cascadia - Finalizing program and busy looking for sponsors
    • PICC - Sponsorships are starting to come in.
    • Linuxfest NW - we will have a booth
  • Mentorship Status report
    • No status
  • Development report (Meeting focus at first meeting of the month)
    • No status
  • Upcoming LOPSAgram and #lopsa-live (last meeting of the month only)
    • Ski is running late on this, will get out soon.

Tag Line Idea... (Ski)

I have noticed that many organizations have a short tag line that is used to help folks remember them. For examples check out and A few ideas I have are:

  • "We make systems work"
  • "We make technology work"

Etiquette Policy Review... (Ski)

We said on 11/21 that we would set up a committee to review the changes. Who is doing this?

  • Assigned to Ski

Intern... (Ski)

Mary Arthur has signed her NDA and is ready to start work for us. She needs some accounts, but once she gets them I will get her started on the customer service queue and any other projects you may have.

  • William and Ski will work get accounts set up in RT, on Civi, and on the board wiki. Ski will work on training her. We need to do some clean up of the board wiki before we allow her access to it. We need to create a new namespace for old pages.


Motion to adjourn at 2153 by Ski, seconded by William