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23 Sep 2013
Board meeting Minutes Next:
21 Oct 2013

Minutes approved: 2 Dec 2013

  • NOTICE to those on the line: All present agree to a temporary recording of this call to be be deleted no later than when the minutes are approved. Please speak up if you disagree with this and we will discuss it after roll call.
Move your name to Present or Apologies prior to the meeting!
(Subject to verification) Dan Rich (chair), Evan Pettrey, John Boris, Matt Simmons, Mike Julian, Ski Kacoroski, Martin Gehrke, Matt Disney
William Bilancio,
8:04 PM Eastern Time
8:46 PM Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

  • Consent Agenda has been moved to 21 Oct 2013 meeting.

Action Items

No Action items for review.

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's Report

The organization is up to date with liabilities. Evan is waiting for vouchers from the Face to Face. He also went over how the Board can look over the financials.

  • Membership report
    • 5 new individual, 1 new student, 1 renew, 1 lapsed this month, for a total of 831 current members.
      • There are 22 active members with expiration dates between now and the next meeting. These will be in "grace" status unless they renew prior to next meeting.
    • YTD, 305 new members, 61 renewed members, 288 lapsed members
    • There was a problem with some people's renewal notices. Some people (mostly people whose "Partner/Sponsor Opt-Out" setting was not set to "No", and thus was either empty or set to Yes) didn't receive the renewal reminders or even the expiration notices. It isn't as clear cut as that one box being checked or not, though, because there are a lot of exceptions. Matt Simmons is researching this problem in CiViCRM.

  • Conference/events activities report

No report as William is not in attendance.

  • Local Chapter Committee report

The Committee held a meeting and locked down the two main responsibilities of the Committee

  1. Form New chapters
  2. Support Current Chapters

Warner will head up the support for new chapters with help from Matt Simmons while Martin will head up the support for current chapters. The committee is trying to hold a meeting on the week in between the Board meetings. The committee will be querying the locals for information to have at the table at LISA.

  • Development report (Meeting focus at first meeting of the month)

This section is actually for Sponsorships. Ski announced that CA is ready to sponsor us. As soon as the amount is received the banner will be put on the page. A discussion followed on what gets sent to the Tech team for inclusion on the web site and what the committees can do themselves. The Tech team handles configuration on the web site but content is the committees responsibility. Ski is also querying Puppet to see if they will be renwing their sponsorship. Another discussion started about media partnerships where LINUX Newmedia and they are willing to help us out where they will give us continuous ads in their print publications. It would be a great venue for us. Matt Simmons will continue to pursue that.

  • Communications (LOPSAgram, #lopsa-live, etc)

The LOPSAGram went out. Matt has been cleaning up the Web Site. The biggest rewrite is the LOPSA History page This should be revisited every year or so. Matt is working on a booklet that would be helpful when sysadmin jobs are posted. Craig Constantine got the approval of contributors on a lopsa-discuss thread ( which allows the committee to use their comments as advice. The automation of the LOPSAGram continues.Matt reported that he could not find any prohibitive language which would stop us from using data gleaned from the Google Graph Search. It doesn't mean we should but it is their for us to target a segment on a subject.

  • Project Management report

The mechanism for project management will be Web2project. Everyone has a login to this.

Liaison reports (LC, etc.)

  • Technical Services Report (William)

No report as William is not in attendance. Dan will speak to Jesse this week to see what may be holding things up.

  • Mentorship Report (John)

The core team has moved to meeting Bi-weekly and moved the time back to 2 PM. They are working on justification for using Git to maintain their documentation and Google Code. The core team were informed the Board needs a breakdown as to why the board should approve a paid account on github. The Team is working on the BoF for LISA. The room was reserved for 8:30PM on Wednesday. It is not the same room as the Town hall meeting as that was booked.

  • Leadership Committee (Ski)
    • Mario stated he wants to see if the three people on the Committee will do it again. He felt that one person may drop out but he will recruit where needed. He wants the LC to handle the elections better and work through one more cycle and train a replacement to take over. After that they will branch out. A comment was made if the LC only concentrates on the election they will not do the other part of their mission which would be to find volunteers for LOPSA committees and projects. Ski said he would approach Mario and see if he can get them moving on that aspect as well. Ski will also ask Mario for suggestions on what the LC could be doing for the organization besides just running the elections and seeking candidates for the board.
  • USENIX Liaison
    • We are go for translations as long as USENIX can use what we produce. Waiting on news back from the German translation team. The finished product will be sent to a Professional translator to ensure it is accurate.
  • LPR Program Committee
    • We have started work. We have a functioning mailing list thanks to the Tech Team. Members of the core team are Matt Simmons, Will Dennis, David Klein, and Pat Cable. They are defining time lines and forms hoping to have this ready to launch at LISA.

LISA'13... (Ski)

  • We will have a raffle as last year with prizes supplied by our sponsors and LISA Vendors and also a few LOPSA T-Shirts. Ski will ask Lee and William about free passes to Tech Sessions at Cascadia and LOPSA-East.
  • Philip agreed to do LOPSA after dark up to 100 tickets for $5 a ticket.
  • The square device password has been reset.
  • Table workers who are not attending the conference can sign up as Vendors .
  • Matt Simmons is gathering the documentation for the table.
  • We want to have info on CA-Cert and have a person available from CA-Cert so we can provide that as a service at the table.
  • The use of Ribbons has been approved. We will get the three types (Members, Directors, Sponsors). It was brought up to possibly use stickers. William will have to get the exact cost for ribbons and stickers. The actual design of the ribbon and stickers has to be resolved.
  • Dan will contact the different board members for input for the presentations.
  • Ski will ask USENIX if we get an Ethernet drop at the table. Ski will check the storage for a wifi router that can be used at the table.
  • The Yerkes award information has been finished and the award winner's name sent to William.
  • Matt will put some small Business card sizes with some info on it.

LOPSA Student Chapters (Evan)

Summary: Membership policy for student members to be amended to:

Free student memberships only include those benefits of which LOPSA does not incur a per-member cost. Additionally, student members are not granted voting rights. Admission or renewal of this membership class shall require proof of full-time primary, secondary, or post-secondary student status.

Motion by EvanWe amend our membership dues for students to $0 and limit student memberships to only benefits which do not cost LOPSA on a per-member basis and will not be allowed voting rights. Seconded by Matt Simmons

Motion passes unopposed.

LOPSA Educational Leadership - SkillsUSA (Evan)

Update: I've reached out to SkillsUSA about potential sponsorship but I'm still working on gathering data before presenting anything official to the board.

New Business

No New Business


No Announcements


Ski moved to adjourn Evan seconded. 8:46 PM