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30 April 2019
Board meeting Minutes Next:
14 May 2019

Minutes approved: 20 August 2019

Andy Cowell (President), Andy Cowell (VP), Brian Globerman (Treasurer), Andree Jacobson (Secretary), Scott Suehle, Drew Adams, Danielle White, Branson Matheson
Daniel Hodges
9.04pm Eastern Time
9.53pm Eastern Time

Agenda (Emergency meeting)

  • Respond to concerns raised about community manager position.

Community manager position


It has come to the boards' attention that currently sitting community manager may not be effectively carrying out the duties assigned by the board, specifically in regards to regularly publishing the LOPSAGram, other organization Website updates, measurably growing our member base, outreach and thank you to donors, and effectively managing the relationships with local chapters. In addition, some unapproved activities which encroached on the responsibilities of the technical team have been noticed. Board understands that there are concerns and frustrations with the tools we are currently using for the website (WildApricot), but board doesn't feel that the focus has been on the right activities. These observations have been recorded for some time now.

Board members note that this is not just the community managers fault. Better communication from the board could have taken place, etc. Higher engagement from the community, responses, etc. could have occurred. However, the current cost of the community manager to our organization is significant for the return of investment that we have seen. If the community manager is not present, the duties of the community manager needs to be addressed by current board members instead. Board need to address how people are paying attention to our communication channels.

A few suggestions come up on how we can entice the community to participate. Noted that people contributing should be compensated. Increase our presence on facebook (as that seems to be more active than regular webpages today).

Proposal: Relieve current community manager from his role due to issues raised.

Drew moves proposal, Andy seconds, Motion carries unanimously.

Notes - Actionable items

  • Drew to work with Danielle, Brian, and the technical team to remove community manager admin access to official LOPSA websites, etc.
  • Drew to communicate boards' resolution to community manager
  • Ensure that community manager submits final invoice
  • Andy to update may LOPSAGram, will send out draft to board and ask for help


 Andy Motioned for Adjournment
 Branson Seconded