Interim Board meeting Minutes/6 June 2005

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23 May 2005
Interim Board meeting Minutes Next:
13 June 2005

Minutes approved: 27 June 2005

Teleconference 6 June 2005

Opened: 20:00 US/East Closed: 20:25 US/East

Geoff Halprin (note taker) Trey Harris David Parter

1. Election

  • Reminder: Get candidate statements submitted!
  • Discussion will occur on sage-members list unless there is complaint to warrant change.
  • Status of election software, etc.:
    • Website hosted by 3rd party is ready.
    • We need a redirect (and a note that it will) on
    • Voting software: Greg is ok with the software he has.

2. AMC Engagement

  • We have received info on D&O insurance. Geoff has forms.
    • Action Point: Geoff will submit forms.
  • We have received a draft contract.
    • Action Point: Geoff will upload to wiki.
  • David is liaising with Domonic on web site migration.

3. USENIX Services

  • was down for >48 hours. We lost Google ranking as a result.
  • Also concerned Salary survey is not getting done.
    • Action Point: Geoff will contact Mike Jones about this.