Board meeting Minutes/20 November 2006

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13 November 2006
Board meeting Minutes Next:
27 November 2006

Minutes approved: 27 November 2006

Tom Perrine (chair), Matthew Barr, Trey Harris, Doug Hughes, Chris Palmer, David Parter, Stephen Potter, Pat Wilson (note taker), Sam Albrecht
Andrew Hume, Sam Albrecht
20:03 Eastern Time
22:11 Eastern Time

Consent Agenda

Consent agenda passes

Action Items

Board Committees

  • Development Committee (Wilson/Potter)
  • Partnership and Liason Committee (Perrine)
    • Palmer - Contact local office of possible partner [due 10/16] - not done
  • Leadership Committee (Greg Rose)
    • Perrine - Contact Rose and convey Board's thoughts on the election - in progress
  • Policy Committee (Harris)
  • Communications Committee
    • Palmer - Discuss possible member survey methodologies with Chavez - DONE' general recommendation is focus group, rather than survey, approach
    • Perrine - Follow up with SysAdmin Magazine regarding volunteers for online anwer folks - not done
    • Barr - Get CMP contact info to Albrecht - DONE
  • Membership Committee
    • Harris - Send Founding Member email to Halprin - DONE

Program Committees

  • Conference Planning Committee (Wilson/Perrine)
  • Technical (Online) Services (Hughes/Parter)
  • Content Services Committee (Palmer/Potter)
    • Harris - Put approved minutes up on public wiki - DONE
  • Locals Committee (Parter)


  • Financial
    • Hume - prepare annual financial report [due 6/26]] - no report
  • Albrecht:
    • Touch base with IRS [due 10/16] - no report
    • Query insurance company regarding possible member insurance options - no report
    • Contact JobTarget and get a specific proposal including the features LOPSA requires - no report
  • Barr:
  • Harris:
    • Set up wiki for Resume Standards project - not done
    • Present draft financial policies for Board approval (low priority) - not done
  • Hughes:
  • Hume:
    • Chat with the SNIA Chief Scientist regarding possible partnering [due 10/30] - no report
  • Palmer:
  • Parter:
  • Perrine:
  • Potter:
    • Search for the Code of Ethics review document/report - DONE no such document exists

ACTION ITEM: Potter to reconvene Code of Ethics review committee

  • Wilson:
  • All:
    • Consider locations for Q2 2007 Sysadmin Days - DONE consensus is Philadelphia area
    • Review board committees with respect to charters and usefulness - see below

Standing Reports

  • Treasurer's report (first meeting of the month only)
  • Membership report
    • See the online report for this week's status
  • Online report
  • Training event report

Gathering names of potential committee members

  • LISA report

Events proceed. There will be more of last year's t-shirts, and in a new color as well.

  • Development report

The 1st individual sponsor renewal has occurred. There should be sponsor renewal letters, as well as the membership ones.

Review Board Committees

Consensus was that most of the current committees were fine as is, though the line between the "Development" and "Parternship and Liason" committees seems indistinct; they should be merged. The "Training Event" committee should be added to the list.

ACTION ITEM: Potter to propose a charter for a (Board level) Finance committee

ACTION ITEM: Potter to draft a new charter for the combined Development/Partnership committee

Recognize New Founding Members

MOTION: Parter moves to Executive Session

[Executive Session entered at 20:49 ET]

[Executive Session ends at 21:58 ET]

MOTION: Potter moves to grant honorary membership to JD Welch. (Hughes seconds). Passes (1 abstention: Harris)

Misc Items

  • Amazon affiliates

With the holiday season fast approaching, attention should be drawn to LOPSA's Amazon affiliates program.

  • membership renewal letters

ACTION ITEM: Palmer and Hughes to finialize renewal letter and work with tech-team to get them out [due 11/27]

ACTION ITEM: Wilson to coordinate sponsor renewal letters

ACTION ITEM: Wilson to send Palmer "become a sponsor now" verbiage

  • hardware and prizes for LISA

ACTION ITEM: Wilson, Parter to discuss LISA prize offerings

New Business

Halprin request (Harris)

Geoff Halprin has made the following request of the board:

I'm about to facilitate a strategy session for SAGE-AU, and would               
like to not re-invent too many wheels. Specifically, I'd like to get            
a copy of the non-confidential bits of the governance wiki the                  
interim board put together (and any bits since that LOPSA would be              
happy to share). I'm not wanting any of the confidential bits, but              
the wiki and discussion pages relating to rules and governance; why             
we decided certain things, the committees we chose to spin up at the            
retreat, etc.                                                                   
Would you please forward this onto the board (I wouldn't want to                
do this without authorisation! :-), and if it's ok, work out (don't             
spend much time on it, a quick cut is fine) what you can give me?               

Sense of the Board is that Halprin's request is fine.

ACTION ITEM: Harris to gather material for Halprin request


MOTION to adjourn by Wilson, seconded by Harris. Passes. Adjourned at 22:11ET