Interim Board meeting Minutes/2 May 2005

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15 April 2005
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16 May 2005

This document is a board working paper, and commercial in confidence.

Geoff Halprin, David Parter, Trey Harris
Lorette Cheswick
2005-05-02 1900 US/East

Report on AMC Site Visits (Geoff, David)

Geoff and David gave verbal reports on the recent AMC site visits, to bring Trey up to speed. These were substantially the same as those written up in email and on the wiki.

Action Items

  • Publication of documents to BOD candidates
  • Trey took this action item.
  • Publication of documents to members
  • Trey took this action item.
  • Preparation of Term Sheet.
  • Geoff said work on this would commence when the AMC evaluation was concluded.
  • David requested doing as much in the wiki as possible, to keep visibility high, and ease the ability to provide input.
  • Finalisation of bylaws.
  • Trey took this action item.
  • We agreed to make this the agenda of the next meeting, limiting debate to 10-minutes per issue.
Meeting closed