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This page contains a list of all motions passed by the Board that have an on-going effect. It does not include motions with a single action such as spending approvals or one-time agreements with organizations or individuals. It also does not include Local Group approvals, office appointments or items that are recorded elsewhere such as By-Laws ammendments.


Board meeting Minutes/9 January 2006

Code of Ethics

Discussion of Code of Ethics, USENIX/SAGE and LOPSA relationship, ownership of CoE intellectual property.

MOTION by Palmer to allow the use of the LOPSA logo on the Code of Ethics distributed by USENIX. Seconded by Potter. Motion passes.

Board meeting Minutes/23 January 2006


MOTION (by Harris, Wilson seconds): Adopt the NDA per the policy on Nondisclosure agreements. Passes

Board meeting Minutes/13 March 2006

Liaison policy

Board meeting Minutes/15 May 2006

Copyright Policy (Palmer)

MOTION by Parter, seconded by Potter, to adopt the Website Copyright policy policy. Passes

Board meeting Minutes/29 May 2006

Jobs Board Policy

MOTION: Approve the Jobs board policy.

  • Motion by Hume, second by Hughes; motion passes.

Sponsored mailing lists policy

  • Motion by Potter, Hughes second to accept policy as posted; motion passes

Board meeting Minutes/12 June 2006

Project Copyright Policy

MOTION: Palmer moves to approve the Project copyright policy policy as written. Seconded by Hughes. Motion passes.

Locals group program

MOTION: Palmer moves to approve the charter of the LOPSA Locals Program. Hughes seconds. Passes (Harris abstains)

Board meeting Minutes/19 June 2006

Business plan review and approval

Final discussion regarding purpose (directional) and malleability (it's a living document) of the business plan.

MOTION: to approve the business plan by Wilson, seconded by Hume Passes.

Volunteer recognition program

MOTION: by Hume, seconded by Hughes to adopt the Volunteer Recognition Program as proposed. Passes.

Board meeting Minutes/10 July 2006

Privacy Policy (Palmer)

MOTION: by Palmer, to adopt the Privacy policy as written. Seconded by Hume. Passes.

Board meeting Minutes/31 July 2006

Institutional membership

Harris, on behalf of the Membership Committee, submits the following motion:

Board meeting Minutes/13 November 2006

Advertising in Memo to Members

Recommendation of the focus group was that LOPSA should persue relevent advertising in the MtM with the goal of generating additional non-due, non-sponsor revenue. Ads should be limited to 10-12 lines, with no more than one per page. Ads should be set off from the main body by a recognizable border other than just a line.

MOTION: Potter, seconded by Hume, that LOPSA should persue relevent advertising in the MtM with the goal of generating additional non-due, non-sponsor revenue. Ads should be limited to 10-12 lines, with no more than one per page. Ads should be set off from the main body by a recognizable border other than just a line. Passes (7 in favor, 1 (Wilson) opposed, 1 not present)

Board meeting Minutes/11 December 2006

Financial Policies

See Finance Committee Motion to amend (added 3.6) by Hughes, second by Potter. Approved Motion by Harris, second by Barr. Approved

See Financial policy Motion by Barr, second by Harris. Approved

Board meeting Minutes/18 December 2006

Approve Sponsor Levels and benefits

MOTION by Perrine, seconded by Potter, to approve 2007 sponsor benefits, levels, and amounts. Passes

MOTION by Palmer, seconded by Perrine, to use [NULL] (i.e. no designator) for the entry level of all three sponsorship categories. Passes.

Board meeting Minutes/8 January 2007

Sponsorship Levels

  • Record email MOTION: by Hughes, seconded by Barr to amend sponsorship levels to re-add Diamond consultant sponsorship at $10,000 level. Passes.

Board meeting Minutes/26 February 2007

Sponsorship policy (spp)

MOTION: Potter moves that the Board accept the Sponsorship policy as written. Palmer seconds Passes.

Partnership and Partnership Committee

MOTION: by Potter, seconded by Parter, to accept the Partnership and Development Committee charter as written. Passes

Board meeting Minutes/19 March 2007

Member insurance

Query insurance company regarding possible member insurance options [due 2/12] - DONE MOTION by Hume, seconded by Potter to have Ablrecht move forward and implement this program Passes

Board meeting Minutes/26 March 2007

LOPSA logo usage on Wikipedia

  • record email MOTION by Hughes, seconded by Barr to allow an exception to the LOPSA logo usage rules to allow it to be uploaded to the LOPSA page on Wikipedia. Passes.

Board meeting Minutes/16 April 2007

New individual/consultant sponsor benefit (spp)

MOTION by Potter, seconded by Parter to include complimentary membership at the Consultant and Individual Gold levels, such membership to extend the current membership by a year if it exists. Passes [5 in favor; Barr, Wilson abstain]

Board meeting Minutes/2 July 2007

Opt-out for LOPSA mailings

MOTION by Harris, seconded by Parter: Amend Privacy policy to change, "You may opt out of recieving periodic announcements and memos" to, "You may opt out of receiving periodic announcements and memos, except for: 1. Announcements of changes to this Privacy Policy; 2. Announcements of elections or referenda; 3. Announcements LOPSA is legally required to furnish the membership; 4. Announcements deemed of an extraordinary nature by specific vote of the Board." Passes (Hughes abstains)

Board meeting Minutes/9 July 2007

New Board Meeting Expenses

MOTION to reimburse travel, one night hotel, and other reasonable travel policies as stated in the previous draft policy. Motion by Palmer, second by Hughes. Passes.

Board meeting Minutes/14 August 2007

SAGE name change

Motion to change the official name from The System Administrators Guild, Inc., a New Jersey nonprofit corporation, to The League of Professional System Administrators, Inc. All instances of "The System Administrators Guild" in the Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, and Policies shall be amended to "The League of Professional System Administrators", except where such instance refers to another entity. All instances of the name "SAGE" in the Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, and Policies shall be amended to the name "LOPSA", except where such instance refers to another entity. Passes

Board meeting Minutes/25 September 2007

TSC Charter

Motion to approve TSC charter as above by Potter, second by Balling, without objection.

Board meeting Minutes/4 December 2007

DNS proposal (Campbell)

Motion: Approve the proposal ($city.chapter.lopsa.org) and request the technical services committee to draft a more comprehensive DNS namespace policy (Parter, Second: Barr) Approved

Board meeting Minutes/18 December 2007

Regional Organization Committee Charter

MOTION To form the Regional Organization Committee (ROC) with the following charter: Moved by Balling, second Barr. Approved.

Sponsorship "Founding" status (Harris)

  • MOTION by Potter, second by Parter: That Founding sponsors shall maintain the "Founding" designation so long as their sponsorship level does not fall below the Bronze level. This change shall be made retroactive to all Founding sponsors who have changed their level of contribution at the time of passage of the motion. Approved.

Board meeting Minutes/7 January 2008

Stock brokerage account

  • Record email MOTION: to direct the Executive Director to take the reasonable steps necessary to open a standard stock brokerage account in LOPSA's name, so that we can receive gifts of appreciated stock as a form of sponsorship and fund raising. Moved by Potter on 1 January 2008, seconded by Balling. Motion passes on 3 January 2008.

Board meeting Minutes/14 April 2008

Revision of Local Chapter/Affiliate Policy

  • MOTION by Apthorpe to accept revision; second by Potter.
    • Motion by Potter, second by Apthorpe to amend chapter requirements from TWELVE to SIX. Passes without objection.
  • Motion passes without objection.

Board meeting Minutes/9 June 2008

Education Committee Charter

MOTION MADE: to pass the Education Committee Charter as amended. Motion Passes.

Board meeting Minutes/7 July 2008

Direct ED to change SAGE name to LOPSA

  • Record motion: That the Board direct the Executive Director to take the necessary legal and administrative steps required to effect the name change passed in the August 14, 2007 minutes. Motion passed by email on 26 June 2008.

Board meeting Minutes/4 August 2008

Matching Gifts/Sponsorship Policy (spp)

MOTION: Add the following to the end of the Individual source (subsection 2) of the Sponsorship policy: "Corporate matching programs, unless specifically designated by the originating company as a corporate sponsorship and which are based upon an individual contribution, will be deemed to be provided by the individual and will not be counted as a corporate sponsorship."

Motion by Potter, second by Parter, as written above. Passed without objection

Board meeting Minutes/27 October 2008

lopsa.org e-mail policy

Board meeting Minutes/10 November 2008

2009 Budget Planning

MOTION: That a policy be set to keep a reserve of $25,000. Moved by Potter, second Palmer. Motion passes.

Discretionary spending

MOTION by Potter, second Palmer.

Individual directors may authorize expenditure of up to $200 per instance, limited to five (5) instances per year per director, against a pre-approved budget line item without a formal motion from the Board.

Organization officers may authorize expenditure of up to $500 per instance and creation of an ad-hoc budget line item, limited to twelve (12) instances per year per officer, without a formal motion from the Board.

Motion amended by Harris, second Palmer. Motion amended.

Motion passed.

Board meeting Minutes/25 August 2009

TSC Charter

Board meeting Minutes/8 September 2009

Conflict of interest policy (Solanki)

Board meeting Minutes/23 August 2010

Etiquette Policy

  • Record results of email vote: I move that we adopt the policy on Etiquette Policy. Moved by Bennett 18 Aug 2010 by email, second by Kacoroski. Passes

Board meeting Minutes/14 Jan 2013

Harassment Policy (Kizer)

  • Jesse moves that the Board moves and accepts the Harassment Policy proposed by Philip.
  • Dan seconded the motion.
  • A voice vote was taken and it was a unanimous vote.

Board meeting Minutes/25 Mar 2013

Jesse moved that the Technical Services Committee (TSC) charter be changed such that the sentence currently reading:

   "The LOPSA Board of Directors shall appoint a current Board Director to
   be the Technical Services Committee Chair (TSCC)."

would instead read:

   "The LOPSA Board of Directors shall appoint a current LOPSA member in
   good standing to be the Technical Services Committee Chair (TSCC).
   If the TSCC is not a current member of the LOPSA Board of Directors, a
   liaison shall be appointed to the TSC from among the current LOPSA Board of Directors."

in order to allow the LOPSA Board of Directors to delegate the TSCC position to non-Board members of LOPSA.

Motion Passed with Seven For and two against

Board meeting Minutes/8 Apr 2013

Local Chapter Committee Charter (Martin)

See Locals_Committee/Locals_Committee_Charter The Locals Committee Charter was discussed and was approved.

Martin made a motion to approve the Locals Committee Charter Seconded by William

Motion passed unopposed.

Board meeting Minutes/1 Jul 2013

Lifetime Memberships (Kizer)

MOTION: Amend the LOPSA Policy on Membership classes to add a new class of membership called a Lifetime Member that is a voting member with the Dues indexed to the current normal membership Dues times 20 that will be exempt from a Renewal requirement and confers all of the benefits of an Individual Member or that member's current class, whichever is greater.

Motion was seconded by John.

Motion passed with 5 for 1 Nay.

Board meeting Minutes/24 Aug 2013

LC Policy (Kizer)

MOTION: I move that we amend the LOPSA Policy on the Leadership Committee where it says "The Board will appoint the Chair" to instead say "The Board will appoint the Chair and reaffirm that position at least annually." Seconded by Ski, motion passes unopposed.

Board meeting Minutes/23 Sep 2013

LOPSA Professional Recognition Program - further discussion & voting (MPSimmons)

Matt made a motion to approve the policy and charter for the LOPSA Professional Recognition Program: Seconded by William https://board.lopsa.org/LOPSA_Professional_Recognition_Program

The motion passed with no oppositions or abstentions.

Board meeting Minutes/7 Oct 2013

LOPSA Student Chapters (Evan)

Motion by EvanWe amend our membership dues for students to $0 and limit student memberships to only benefits which do not cost LOPSA on a per-member basis and will not be allowed voting rights.

Seconded by Matt Simmons

Motion passes unopposed.

Board meeting Minutes/13 Jan 2014

Motion to switch LOPSA's email to Google Apps (Mike Julian)

Motion to move that we change LOPSA's email to use our Google Apps account. Seconded by William

The motion passed without objection

Change complimentary membership to 6 months (Matt Simmons)

Motion to amend the Classes Policy to specify that a complimentary membership is six months. Seconded by William

Motion passed without objection

Buying "Guidebook for Directors of NonProfit Corporations" (Matt Simmons)

  • Motion that the Board purchase 9 copies of "Guidebook for Directors of NonProfit Corporations" to be distributed to each sitting Board Member., with the request that it be passed to that Board Member's successor. Seconded by Dan

The Motion was amended to remove the request to pass the book down to a board successor and agreed by the Second.

The new amended Motion was Board purchase copies of "Guidebook for Directors of NonProfit Corporations" for Board members and each new incoming Board member unless the Board member wishes to purchase their own copy. Seconded by Dan.

Purchase of Copies of Sturgis

Motion a copy of 'Sturgis' be purchased for each Board member and each new board member as they get elected to the board. Seconded by Ski.

Motion passed without objection

Board meeting Minutes/6 Oct 2014

Expense Reports (Rich)

MOTION: All expense reports must be submitted to the treasurer no later than 90 days following the expense or the event the expenses are related to, whichever is later. Any submitted after that date will only be paid at the discretion of the treasurer.

Seconded by John Boris. The motion passed without objection or abstentions.